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Our mission is to build tools that help people build bridges. Our ultimate goal is develop couch co-op games that build memories and relationships. Currently, our only completed project is Farmyard Feeder.

I keep wanting to say “our” but it’s honestly just myself. I have big aspirations though! I’m a full time student at Portland State University studying Computer Science. I’m only in my second year of higher education, and it’s challenging yet rewarding. I’m also a dad and a husband. I made Farmyard Feeder for my daughter during the spring break to bring some relief for her during this whole COVID-19 “stay home, save lives” executive order. If you have some friends with children who would play this simple game, please tell them about it. It helps me make more games.

You can email me at bridgeworxgames@gmail.com if you have any questions on my app, or about life in general.

Here is a link to FarmYard Feeder a children’s counting game that I made!

You can check out my LinkedIn profile here.

Here are the videos I’ve been making on, yet these are primarily focusing on the next couch co-op game we’re planning.

If you have questions about the privacy policies of our games, please refer to Unity’s privacy policy, specifically under the section labeled “I play a game built with Unity software, what should I know?”.